About Us

Certified as a program of excellence by the Conference on College Composition and Communication, the GW University Writing Program (UWP) offers courses to strengthen every GW student's ability to write clearly and effectively at the university and in other arenas, and emphasizes the importance of writing for success in all academic, public, and professional enterprises that require critical thinking and communication. Read more.

All first-year students entering the university are required to take UW1020, a four-credit theme-based academic writing seminar. Upon successful completion of UW1020, all students are required to take two Writing in the Disciplines (WID) classes, one each in their sophomore and junior years. In the senior year, students fulfill a capstone requirement in their majors.

Support for student writing includes the UWP's unique partnership with University Librarians who specialize in writing and research instruction, and access to individual tutoring at the Writing Center, where members of the GW community can receive dedicated attention to their writing and research projects.