GW Debate Hosts Challenges to Gender Equality Forum with Participation from UWP Professor Rachel Riedner

Challenges to Gender Equality virtual panel flyer showing participating speakers including UWP's Rachel Riedner
April 01, 2021

Professor Rachel Riedner (Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Professor of Writing and of WGSS) participated in this year's "Challenges to Gender Equality in 2021: an international perspective" forum.

In collaboration with GW Debate society and its director, Paul Hayes, this forum was organized by the Embassy of France to Indonesia and featured a dialogue between French, Indonesian, and U.S. feminist scholars and students. 

Professors Daiya and Riedner discussed feminist scholarship and the WGSS program's impact on campus and beyond. Hosted in the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, the WGSS Program empowers students to "analyze feminist theory and cross-cultural perspectives, examine historical trends and religious practices, explore policy and power structures and develop theories and methods for challenging inequality and re-imagining social justice."

If you missed this, watch the entire event!