Writing in the Disciplines

The University Writing Program supports GW students in maintaining a robust writing practice throughout their academic careers.

WID Writing Requirements

After they have completed UW1020, students must take two Writing in the Disciplines (WID) courses. WID courses build on the general academic writing frameworks students work with in UW1020. The WID curriculum is designed for students to receive sustained instruction in writing over the course of their studies at GW. Most students take more than the two required WID courses, as instruction in writing enhances their learning.

WID courses have a significant writing component, but are not designed to teach students basic writing skills. Rather,  WID courses engage students in writing frequently and intensively to improve overall learning in their discipline. They are designed to facilitate student involvement with particular bodies of knowledge, their methods of scholarship, and modes of communication. Learn more about the credit requirements for Writing in the Disciplines.

For Faculty

Interested in teaching a WID class? Learn about the requirements and how to propose a course.

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Summer 2018 Courses

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