WID GA Workshops & Practicum

WID Practicum Guidelines

In a bid to reward and recognize WID GAs for their training and teaching time and to provide them with an opportunity for productive reflection as they seek employment, we launched the WID Practicum, which consists of the following over the course of their time at GW:

  • Open to all WID GAs at GW
  • Two-day orientation/training for first-time WID GAs
  • Two-part syllabus/assignment workshop
  • 10 additional WID-designated workshops
  • Serve as WID GA four terms or more
  • Reflective letter to WID directors (drafts language for a teaching statement)
  • CV with WID experience included

After submitting a portfolio documenting the above, we provide candidates with a letter of recommendation they may include in their teaching portfolio.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

WID GA Workshop Compensation policy:

WID GAs will be compensated for participating in the full two-day WID Training either in August or January. 

Workshop attendance will be documented based on a WID GA's participation in live sessions as well as the completion of any assigned writing responses (due by the posted deadlines). In order to be eligible for payment, the minimum number of workshops must be reached (i.e. the standard is "all or nothing"). 

New Fall Hires: GAs hired in August must attend 6 workshops over the course of the academic year to be compensated $600 at the end of the academic year, for completing a minimum of 6 workshops.

New Spring Hires: GAs hired in January must attend 3 workshops over the course of the semester to be compensated $300 at the end of the academic year, for completing a minimum of 3 workshops. Returning GAs will not be compensated for repeat workshops they have completed in the past.

Returning GAs: Returning GAs (i.e. those who have served in past terms and rehired in a new academic year) are eligible to attend 3 (or more) workshops to be compensated $300 at the end of the year, upon completion of the 3 workshops--whether in the Fall, Spring, or over the course of both semesters.

Additional guidelines:

  • Payment requests to CCAS will be made at the end of the academic year (April/May 2021) and will come in the form of a supplemental compensation payment, added to a GA's salary.
  • Completion of the mandatory WID training in August and January are not counted in the total number of WID GA Workshops.

AY 2021-22 WID GA Workshop Schedules:


Fall 2021 WID GA Workshop Schedule

Spring 2022 WID GA Workshop Schedule (TBD)

Past WID GA Workshops:

Spring 2021 WID GA Workshop Schedule (Click)