Rachel Riedner facilitated a workshop at the DIT Focas Institute

UWP Professor Rachel Riedner and her research partner Maria Jose Gonzolez smile after workshop
July 09, 2019

Professor Rachel Riedner, Executive Director of the University Writing Program at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, facilitated a workshop at the DIT Focas Institute on the 16th of October. The workshop, entitled "Writing Practices of your Discipline", focused on understanding 'genres' of writing, and the stylistic conventions, governed by shared purpose, of genres such as Abstracts, Posters, Grant Proposals, and Research Papers. In refining conventions, researchers can demonstrate a connectivity and conversability with other researchers in their disciplinary field, in addition to signalling an expertise. In the workshop, Professor Riedner helped participants to identify and to master common genres of their disciplinary field using examples provided by the participants.