Randi Kristensen

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Randi Kristensen

Assistant Professor of Writing - On Sabbatical


Office Phone: (202) 631-2042
Ames Hall 2100 Foxhall Road, NW, Office 231 Washington DC 20007

Randi Gray Kristensen is a member of the University Writing Program faculty, and affiliate faculty in the Africana Studies Program, and the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program. She currently serves as the faculty mentor to Posse 5. She is co-convener of the University Seminar on Black Women's and Girl's Health. Her research concentrates on the arts of resistance and creativity that sustain Black peoples of the African Diaspora.

Humanities Center Fellowship, The George Washington University, 2021-22

Summer Research Fellowship, Black Film Center/Archive, Institute for Advanced Studies, Indiana University, 2019.

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute Fellowship: Arts of Survival: Recasting Lives in African Cities. Institute for Advanced Studies, Indiana University, 2016.

WID and inclusionary pedagogies, marronage in Black women's circum-Caribbean literatures, disaster capitalism and failed humanitarianism in the circum-Caribbean.

UW1020: Africa and the African Diaspora

UW1020: Art and Revolution

UW1020: Radically Rewriting America

AFST1001.10: Intro to Africana Studies

WSTU3170W/UW2020W.80: Black Women in the 21st Century

CCAS3001: Independent Study: Research in African Literatures

CCAS3001: Independent Study: Fairy Tales as Discourse

Selected academic:

Review: Queering the Black Atlantic Canon: Anton Nimblett’s Re-creationss/x salon. February 2022.

with Phyllis Mentzell Ryder and Dolsy Smith, “Writing as a Way of Knowing: Teaching Epistemic Research Across the University.” Teaching Information Literacy and Writing Studies, Vol. 2, Upper Level and Graduate Courses. Purdue Information Literacy Handbooks. Ed. Grace Veach. West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press, 2019, p. 3-16.

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with Ryan Claycomb, eds. Writing Against the Curriculum: Anti-disciplinarity in the Writing and Cultural Studies Classroom. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2009.

“From Things Fall Apart to Freedom Dreams: Black Studies and Cultural Studies in the Composition Classroom.” In Writing Against the Curriculum. pp. 173-83.

Selected creative:

“Miss Peaches” (fiction). Gargoyle #71, 2020, p. 63.

“Pride Goeth” (memoir). What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Poets and Writers Spill Their Worst Reading Experiences. Ed. Richard Peabody. Arlington, VA: Paycock Press, 2019, pp. 24-27.

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 “Before the End,” “What We Do When We Meet,” “Somewhere is Summer,” (poetry) in Creation Fire: An Anthology of Caribbean Women Poets. Toronto: Sister Vision Press, 1989.

Ph.D. English (2000). Louisiana State University
M.F.A. Fiction (1993), Louisiana State University
B.A. Sociology (1982), Georgetown University