UWP Students Publish and Present UW1020 Research at Conferences

July 11, 2019

Professor Phillip Troutman's UW1020 students have had tremendous success publishing and presenting their UW1020 research.

Congratulations to:

Joseph Hancuch who published "The Visual Ideograph: The Advent and Departure of the Abu Ghraib 'Hooded Specter,'" in The International Journal of Comic Art 18.2 (Fall/Winter 2016),  Jessica Kowalik who published "Miller Misunderstood: Rethinking the Politics of 'The Dark Knight,'" The International Journal of Comic Art 12.1 (Spring 2010), and Muhammad Al-Amin who presented "African American Students at GW in the Late 1950s and Early 1960s" and Helena Doms who presented "The 1964 Referendum at GW on Restrictive Language in Sororities and Fraternities" at the public symposium GW Confronts Race and Discrimination, sponsored by the Office of the Provost and the GW Working Group on Slavery & Its Legacies, 27 April 2018, https://library.gwu.edu/news-events/events/gw-confronts-race-and-discrimination-student-symposium.